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a month ago-January 2019
So happy with Dr.Baker and his staff.Its been a year journey,  I had a fractured root canal so I went to Dr.Baker, that day got me out of pain with that tooth and 2 implants. He worked with my dentist, successfully have 3 implants and a bridge. I would recommend Dr.Baker he works quickly,  Support staff is great..



 Steve n Re Brown

I have had three implants over the past eight years. Quality and comfort are important here and I appreciated that. They have a very caring staff. Over the years I have noticed that they have kept up to date on technology, training and equipment.


Doug Malquist

3 weeks ago-

Dr Baker, this
guy..I highly recommend him and his staff.

I had an implant put in and I had a great
experience despite having to lose a tooth and put an implant in. The Staff was
awesome and Dr Baker was the best. He knows what he is doing. He even has a
great sense of humor which goes a long way. End result was, mission
accomplished with no pain and to be honest, I had almost forgotten it was even
there when Donna called for my one year checkup. If there was a perfect implant
experience I got it and I'm grateful.





a week ago-
Dr. Baker and the staff at the Implant and Periodontal Clinic did a tremendous job with my gum grafts. They are all experienced and efficient. Plus everyone there is very pleasant, making my appointments enjoyable as well (which never hurts when you're getting dental work done)! I would recommend this clinic and intend to reach out to them for my future periodontal needs.



Molly Corrans

2 weeks ago-

Dr Baker, his assistants and staff are absolutely amazing. They always tell you exactly what they are doing so that you are on board with your treatment. They are always interested in you as a person as well. You know exactly where you stand financially. Dr Baker is just the best and I would absolutely recommend him.

David Wright

6 days ago-
I broke off an upper front tooth(#10).  The root had to be pulled.  It was a piece of cake.  Painless during and after the procedure.   An implant anchor was screwed into the bone and allowed to grow around it.  I took the advised antibiotics and maybe two advils once.  A few weeks later it was ready to be fitted for the new crown.  The hardest part was waiting for the grow in period.  And that wasn't a problem.  All in all; was it hard?  Somewhere between eating soft ice cream and chewing marshmallows.  Baker's got you covered.


Ronnie Lake

4 weeks ago-

I was referred here after not going to the dentist for 10 years. Dr. Baker and Ali have been amazing. I typically don't like dentists but they have made my experiences tolerable. The graft turned out perfect and the quartly cleanings are really helping me keep my oral health in check.

Tiffany Blair

1 review

4 months ago-

I was referred to Dr Baker and came to him with high hopes of resolving a long time problem I was having. Not only did he put me at ease, but the procedure was completely seamless. Each time I am in contact with either the office staff or staff or the doctor, I am in awe of their ability to make me feel like their only patient. Nowadays, this task is not an easy undertaking in the medical community, but through friendly email reminders, courteous calls, and the Dr himself remembering details of our previous conversation - this team has achieved a higher level of care.. Highly recommended!


Jay Dev

1 review

3 months ago-

After going through several dentist in the greater Bellingham, WA area, I found that Dr Baker and his staff got it right. First, asking what I was expecting from my appointment. Then, explaining what can be done. And lastly, listening to me and my requests. Thank you for doing exactly what you said and being so upfront.

Mary Anderson

3 days ago-

All the staff from the receptionist, the bookkeeper, the dental assistant and Dr. Baker were friendly and professional. They gave me information beforehand so I knew what to expect and had a packet of information for me to take home home post-op. I was very nervous about the surgery and the dental assistant helped put me at ease and was very calming.


4 months ago-

Friendly staff and great service! My implant is the best looking tooth in my mouth! Just had my one year check up and it looks like it will last another 50 years. Thank you Dr. Baker!


 M Rhoades

a month ago-

I highly recommend David Baker DDS MSD, he is very skilled and Personable.
He takes time to explain what he is doing, and gives you time to ask questions.
I highly recommend David Baker DDS MSD, he is very skilled and Personable.
He takes time to explain what he is doing, and gives you time to ask questions.

I have had 2 implants placed with no problems.
Prior to the second implant Dr. Baker expertly removed a fractured molar in no time.
From previous experiences I know that is no easy feat.

No procedure is without discomfort, but he gets pretty darn close to it.

Merete Rhoades


Kate Rae

3 months ago-

Dr. Baker and his staff are so great - Dr. Baker explains everything along the way, he is to the point but does it with finesse and he listens. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Linda Greenfield

2 months ago-

Being at Dr. Baker's office was a wonderful experience for implants and I would recommend him and his team because they make you feel like family.


 - in Bellingham, WA |

Dr.Baker and staff are the best. I've flown and driven up from Arizona just for my appointments.

 Everything ran very smoothly from the office girls too the financial department too Dr. Baker,s assistants.Everyone is very friendly and make you feel very comfortable .You know where you stand financially and how things will work. Dr. Baker runs the best office I have ever had the pleasure being in!!The results were great!! One very happy patient. You are All the best. Thank-you so so much!!!Sincerely Sherry Wilder



I fractured my bicuspid on my 65th Birthday:( I was beyond upset! I was a mental basket!!! I had worked in the Dental Profession for over 30 years and this was not suppose to happen to me! Lose a tooth !!!! No way!! Dr. Baker assured me it would be fine. And in time after the healing I was. Now a year later my implant and new crown are still great! Thank you Dr. Baker office


 Everything went smooth and easy healing process. Well taken care of. Thank you!!


I had always wanted to get an implant and my Dentist said that Dr. Baker was one of the best and he trusted him to do good work. That was all the recommendation I needed and he turned out to be absolutely correct. The appointments were fast, informative and simple. The surgery part was virtually pain free and very simple.


Best service ever! When my dentist sent them my referral they promptly called me to schedule a consultation. Dr Baker clearly explained everything and they even ran it thru my insurance already which was very helpful. Everyone working here is so nice and caring. Dr Baker personally called me on a Saturday evening (day after my procedure) to check in on me and I received a card and nice chocol-md-6ate bar in the mail wishing me a speedy recovery. I've never received such amazing service before!


Dr. Baker was excellent to work with to resolve a bad situation. When an infection happens on your tooth root, you want it fixed ASAP. Dr. Baker's office got me in the same day and worked to ease the pain. The subsequent implant and crown feels natural and secure.

Nice staff, and a Dr that you never want to see but glad he is good at his job and gives you a straight diagnosis. I recommend them if you need work done.



I Came in with a large issue of receding gum line on the top right, after Dr Baker explained the procedure I agreed to have the gum graft and they were amazing thru the whole procedure. Dr Baker was fast and extremely accurate, he even called me the next night PERSONALLY to make sure I was doing ok. I highly highly recommend Dr Baker if you need any work done

It is unheard off for a specialist to call his patient on the weekend evening and check on their status. I was shocked when I got a phone call from Dr. Baker personally to check on my status after my tooth extraction. Dr. Baker dental team is amazing, I would give 10 stars if I am allowed to.

Outstanding group of professionals! Everyone in the office is consistently upbeat, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable. I am very fortunate to have this team helping me with my dental needs. .............Wallace

This was a great experience. Came in to do a crown lengthening and was so pleased with the experience that I had him put in an implant for me as well. Both he and the staff were very friendly and took the time to explain every step of the process. They always made sure that i was comfortable. Would recommend them to everyone I know.

I had three dental put in by Dr. Baker. My experience with Dr. Baker and his staff was fantastic. I, like many others, have a fear of any and all dental work. He made me feel safe and secure. Dr. Baker answered all of my questions, was very thorough, easy to talk to, funny and honest. He made me feel comfortable immediately. Excellent "bedside manner". The procedure itself was quick and painless. The evening after my procedure, Dr. Baker called to check on me. T...

Dr.Baker has the great skills and wonderful staffs to help me finishing my multiple implants. I am able to live with confident and smile on the face with my new implant with everyday of my life. Thank you so much for such a caring doctor and heart warming staffs during and after my procedures.

(I have years of dental patient experiences in various cities Dr. Baker's office and staff are the best. And, when I feel I have an emergency, they get me fit in right away the same day. I highly recommend Dr. Baker and Implant and Periodontal Clinic.

Dr. Baker is fantastic. Informative, concise, skilled...worth it. If you have teeth problems, don't wait to get diagnosed and treated. I waited for months and started to feel constantly tired, and got col-md-6ds and flu because of the toxins releasing into my body. My energy level shot up since I finally had done what needed to be done!

Thank you Dr. Baker, My front two teeth have been a blessing, and it has been 7 years having total success with your in-office procedures. The whole experience was rewarding and beneficial to have my two front teeth back; Thank you Jesus, for allowing Dr. Baker and Dr. Haubrich to learn and practice dental work, through there team work my dental procedure was a success. Peter J. Swank